I was born on an island in Sweden known as "The Island of Sun and Wind". Surrounded by the ruins of ancient castles and the graves of Vikings, I developed an attachment to the spirit of antiquity. My education, at the Art Institute of Sweden, was Classical. I remain dedicated to that tradition in my painting technique as well as my choice of imagery; landscape, figure and still life.

My work is done in oil on linen using a layered glazing technique similar to that used by many of the Renaissance Masters. The result is a painting with a smooth surface and a deep luminosity that is difficult to achieve with more modern techniques. On one hand, the process is complex and time consuming, on the other it is deeply meditative.

I paint from deep in my imagination. Even when I refer to a live subject or a photograph, everything is transformed by a conciousness steeped in beauty and tradition. In this way, I honor both my experience and the unique qualities of my own mind.

Anna Karin

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