I didn't paint for 26 of my adult years, and my soul was dying. I believe the universe dealt me an ultimatum: paint or die. So I began. I trusted. And my vision continues to unfold.

Painting brings me to myself - to intimacy with self. I paint to heal. I paint to connect. I paint to feel.

I live in a tiny Spanish land grant village in the mountains of northern New Mexico. I believe I've come to Truchas on a path of self-discovery that demands a shedding of my old identity, my old ways of being. I'm immersed in an exploration to find a new way of seeing life and figuring out how I can best participate in it. This path has guided me out of representation and into abstraction.

My paintings are about the old knowing: a connection to spirit, our collective humanity, our wild nature. They dare to be intimate in a disconnected world. They also bring with them something to consider: Why are we running away from our own humanity and how do we find our way back?

When I paint, the room fills with light, color bleeds from my brushes, and heaven and hell exist right there in my studio. The power is immense. I know it's why I didn't paint for all those years. But now, as a woman in mid-life, I understand the importance of bringing art into the world. I do this work because I am called to it and because I believe my paintings will be one component on the journey that guides us home.

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